Resource Management

Resource Management

BASEER BUSINESS SOLUTIONS team have a proven track record in providing Manpower Solutions within various industries (Telecom, IT, and Banking, among others). We are equipped with resources, experience and knowledge of the local Saudi Arabia market: Our offering is the End-to-End solution, a compliant and legitimate service for hiring and contracting skilled and experienced employees from abroad or within the local market.

Resource Management

BASEER BUSINESS SOLUTIONS provides Manpower Services to various verticals in the Saudi Arabia market. Our services are governed by a strict code of ethics, which ensures we provide timely, effective, compliant, and economical solutions to our customers.

With our international and multi-corporate work experience, we excel in providing tailor-made solutions that are developed exclusively for our Customers and are based on local Compliance requirements and on hands-on experience in Saudi Arabia and the Global market. We provide honest and efficient solutions to meet mandatory compliance and your business needs.

We are specialized in Saudi Arabia visa/iqama regime, Saudization and current legal and fiscal regulations that may impact your business.

Our Talent Acquisition expertise covers various verticals: IT, Telecom, Banking, Government organizations…you name it. Our continuous alertness to the fast-changing labour market enabled us to provide exceptional results by utilizing the most current Talent trends, including Talent Hacking and Remote project base Engagement for knowledge sharing.


BASEER BUSINESS SOLUTIONS is providing recruitment and human resources services. Carefully recruiting, matching and managing talent has enabled us to build a community of the best creative, IT, digital and technical professionals in the market. We use industry insights to uncover each client’s unique challenges whether you’re looking to bring in new talent or outsource project deliverables.  We provide in-depth, objective insight to craft the best creative and marketing staffing solutions that will match specific requirements of each customer. It is our goal to positively contribute and influence not only the local businesses but also the social sphere in the local market.

Our expertise covers talented individuals from all sectors around the world, from Technical Experts and Consultants to Senior Management and Board Directors.